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Warehousing & Distribution Knoxville

Whether you need space for building furniture, fixtures, equipment (FF&E), machinery, products, household goods, commercial goods, hotel goods or anything else, utilizing our warehouse for storage and distribution is the perfect solution. We provide a convenient, straight-forward crating or space area solution, with the ability to do everything logistically to move items from one location to another. Most importantly, we ensure your possessions are kept in premium condition during their time with us.

Commercial Warehousing

A warehouse is technically a commercial building for the storage of goods and, although we are primarily known as movers, our warehouse is no different. Our commercial warehousing industry customers include facility, office, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, government, manufacturing, wholesalers, transport businesses and more. All appreciate our high level of service and capability of moving, receiving, distributing and assembly as needed. We also have the equipment and people power to get items to and from our warehouse as needed.

Mix and Match a Wide Range of Warehousing and Distribution Offerings

From cross-docking to kitting to cataloging, reporting and asset tagging, plus in-house assembly, blanket wrapping and inside delivery, we offer a full range of warehousing services to help you manage short-term or long-term storage needs logically. We provide a customized package for each of our customers, working with them to identify the best solution for their service needs. Whether you need a warehouse as a temporary measure—for example when waiting for a new location to open or be remodeled—or as a permanent, additional space for your business, we can facilitate something suitable.

Excellent Warehouse Security and Fire Protection

Your items are valuable to you, which is why it is important that they are stored properly. Our warehouse environment is temperature-controlled, ideal for delicate items. In addition, we have 24-hour monitored security and a fire suppression system help to keep your stored goods safe. We have earned high praise in our warehousing services with customers entrusting their medical equipment, industrial items and office materials to us over the years. No matter what you need to store, we can almost always accommodate your requirements.

Our Knoxville Warehouse Storage Facilities

Whether you need your goods to be stored by us and delivered to one location or many, our Knoxville warehouse team can meet your needs. Even if you have niche stored material that requires a specialist approach, we have the capability to get the job done properly. To find out more about what we can offer, call us at 865.546.3411.

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  • "Our coordinator and driver did a great job. The driver and his partner worked tirelessly. They offloaded 14,060 lbs (600+ pieces) into our 2nd story apartment completely by themselves and damaged nothing. They were a pleasure to work with."
    E.H., June 2015
  • "The entire team was very professional and courteous.  They were very respectful of our homes and took care of our furniture."
    J.S., June 2015
  • "I really enjoyed working with the guys who moved me. With my first time moving through a company, they helped me every step of the way and made everything easy for me. They were always very nice and professional and made the process much easier and more enjoyable."
    J.M., July 2015
  • "Our coordinator did an excellent job of communicating the moving process, what to expect, and made sure everything was done efficiently. She provided constant updates as to when the household goods would be delivered to us at our final destination. I appreciate her taking time to listen to my concerns and questions and doing all she could do to make the move easier."
    T.C., August 2015
  • "All the members of the team were excellent. Mary was especially helpful. They were professional, courteous, took excellent care of my belongings and nothing was damaged."
    M.D., August 2015