Your assets are more than just boxes and crates. They’re the foundation of your business. Armstrong – Knoxville knows how important quality care of your assets is to you and your business.

Asset Management by Experienced Knoxville Moving and Storage Experts

When it comes to your inventory, do you know where everything is at all times? Keeping track of your assets can often be nightmarish, particularly if you operate nationally, or even globally, and have multiple sites where your assets may be located. In these circumstances, a hi-tech solution is essential to make sure you always know where everything is and how much of it you have. As an expert inventory management company, we have the software and expertise needed to create an accurate, up-to-date inventory that gives you real-time information on the state of your assets when in our care.

Wide Range of Asset Management Services Available

We provide a full spectrum of asset management options that can be adapted to inventories of all shapes and sizes. Our services include inventory control, global storage and management of your assets, consolidation, receiving and online cataloging. This enables us to effectively supervise multiple asset operations in many different locations, ensuring your goods are always accounted for properly.

Project Management and Much More

Our skilled team will supervise your inventory management completely, freeing your staff up to concentrate on other tasks. With years of experience and a strong, international infrastructure capable of storing and moving the items of your inventory to where they need to go, we can keep everything running smoothly. Smooth logistical solutions and secure,
temperature-controlled storage facilitiesmeans you can be assured your assets are always in good hands.

Knoxville Provider of High-Caliber Asset Management Solutions

Our asset care doesn’t end at the doorstep! We can often dispose of unwanted assets responsibly when they are no longer required. As a full-service moving and storage company we aim to offer value-add services specifically tailored to meet your individual requirements. No matter what type of inventory you have, we can hold and move it effectively, benefiting you and your customers. To find out more, call us at (865) 546-3441.

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