With Armstrong – Knoxville’s wide range of services, you can rest assured your assets are given the highest quality of care—anywhere in the world. 

Leading Provider of Warehousing and Distribution Services in Knoxville

Whether you need space for building furniture, fixtures, equipment (FF&E), machinery, products, household goods, commercial goods, hotel goods or anything else, utilizing our warehouse for storage and consolidation is the perfect solution. We provide a convenient, straight-forward crating or space area solution, with the ability to do everything necessary to move items from one location to another, with storage in between, should you need. Most importantly, we ensure your possessions are kept in premium condition during their time with us.

Commercial Warehousing

A warehouse is technically a commercial building for the storage of goods and, although we are primarily known as movers, our warehouse is no different. Our commercial warehousing industry customers include facility, office, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, government, manufacturing, wholesalers, transport businesses and more. All appreciate our high level of service and capability of moving, receiving, distributing and assembly as needed. We also have the equipment and people power to get items to and from our warehouse as needed.

Mix and Match a Wide Range of Warehousing and Distribution Offerings

From cross-docking to kitting to cataloging, reporting and asset tagging through to in-house assembly, blanket wrapping and inside delivery, we offer a full range of warehousing services to help you manage short-term or long-term storage needs impeccably. We provide a customized package to each of our customers, working with them to identify the best solution for their service needs. Whether you need a warehouse as a temporary measure—for example when waiting for a new location to open or be remodeled—or as a permanent, additional space for your business, we can facilitate something suitable.

Excellent Warehouse Security and Fire Protection

Your items are valuable to you, which is why it is important that they are stored correctly. Our warehouse environment is temperature-controlled, ideal for delicate items. In addition, we have 24-hour monitored security and a fire suppression system help to keep your stored goods safe. We have earned high trust in our warehousing services with customers entrusting their medical equipment, industrial items and office materials to us over the years. No matter what you need to store, we can accommodate your requirements.

Our Knoxville Warehouse

Whether you need your goods to be delivered to one location or many, or require national, regional or local delivery from our warehouse in Knoxville, we can meet your needs. Even if you have niche stored material that requires a specialist approach, we have the capability to get the job done properly. To find out more about what we can offer, call us at (865) 546-3441.


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Asset Management Knoxville

Asset Management

Your assets are more than just boxes and crates. They’re the foundation of your business. Armstrong knows how important quality care of your assets is to you and your business.

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Fulfillment Knoxville


Handling your own fulfillment operations can be time consuming and costly. Why not leverage Armstrong’s more than three million square feet of national warehouse space to satisfy your needs?

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Final Mile Services Knoxville

Final Mile Services

Let Armstrong simplify your delivery needs.

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