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If you are planning on moving your office, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the details. Getting all of your furniture, electronics, equipment, and other items moved safely and installed effectively in the new space is a challenge very few can handle on their own. That is where Armstrong Commercial Services comes in.


Having performed countless office moves over the years, we understand ensuring the correct layout, furniture reconfiguration, electronic equipment installation and file movement are vital for ensuring a smooth transition between workspaces. Fortunately, with Armstrong Commercial Services in Knoxville, we can either complete the entire move, or manage aspects of it, providing a customized solution that is adapted to your requirements.

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Whether you are moving a single-room office or several floors of an office building, we have the capability to get the job done. Our national moving and storage organization has a global presence, enabling us to effortlessly move your office just a few miles down the road or to another continent. Additionally, if you need temporary storage, our military-approved warehousing facility can store everything from electronics to sensitive materials appropriately, and then move them to your desired location when convenient.

We Can Move Almost Anything

We understand different items have differing needs and priorities when it comes to transferring them from place to place; computers, for example, require a different approach to documents or furniture. Our expert team can convey every item safely and efficiently, ensuring it reaches its destination in excellent condition. Another of our key strengths is organization: we make sure that everything is suitably catalogued, so you’ll always know what has been moved where.

Efficient Office Movers in Knoxville

If you want a high-grade solution to your office moving, we are here to help. We have everything needed to make your move a success, even if it is a challenging one. With a commitment to successful delivery on time and within the agreed budget, we are dedicated to making every move the best yet and get your business back up running as soon as possible. To find out more about what we can offer for office moves or to discuss your requirements with us, call us at (423) 643-3720.


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