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Chances are that office furniture installation is not in your employees’ job description. For the moving professionals at Armstrong, it certainly is! When you’ve purchased new furniture or equipment for your office, your journey to updating your space is not over. Picking out your furniture is the fun part. Getting it to your location and installed properly is a tough task. That’s where we come in! Office furniture

Armstrong Relocation is one of the leading moving companies in the Knoxville area, specializing in many services that will help you get your office or commercial space arranged and installed exactly how you want it. When you’re ready to renovate or relocate, turn to us for the muscle needed to get it done. Here are some of the services that could be useful for businesses.

Warehousing and Final Mile Delivery

Turn to Armstrong to store your furniture or equipment until you are ready to install. If you’re ordering new furniture entirely but don’t have resources to receive it, ship it directly to Armstrong where we can store it and deliver it to your location at a time of your choosing.

Cubicle Installation

Office furniture installation

One of the most common commercial furniture installation jobs that we do. Cubicles are clunky, heavy, and time consuming to install and trust us- your employees don’t want to do it. Ours do!

If you’re looking for an easy, stress-free way to get your office furniture or equipment set up in your new location and have it look even better than before, Armstrong is here to help! Armstrong’s teams will provide the efficient, careful and customer-oriented moving and furniture installation services business in Knoxville need. Call us today at 865 546 3441, or visit our website to browse our various moving and installation services.

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